Bio-Cell stands apart in the provision of water treatment services for cooling towers, boilers and closed-loop systems. Whether you are a building owner, facility manager or HVAC service provider we will take care of your water treatment services.

Bio Cell Sales Rep Having a Consultation With A Customer To Discuss Water Treatment Services

We specialise in providing a complete service that gives you confidence in your system compliance and improves performance.

Proven Performance

Bio-Cell has been supporting commercial and industrial water treatment systems since 1988.

Complete peace of mind

Our expert team will ensure all aspects of your water treatment are compliant. We take the samples, organise the analysis from the lab, review the results and provide any recommendations.

Accurate information

Market leading information systems, fully automated dispatching and recording of all readings are managed for you. With our service centre coordinating and scheduling you will have total confidence in the information provided.

Plus our real-time reporting will give you complete visibility over your water testing schedules and test results.

Quality Assurance

With certified quality management systems and audited procedures you will always be assured of consistency and reliability. Integrated information management with automated schedules deliver a robust service solution.

Customer Service is key

Our Customer Service Centre is the hub of our business, you will get the right answers and prompt response as they maintain total visibility of all scheduled work. The information you need will be at their fingertips, every time.