When you partner with Bio-Cell, we’re flexible about how you prefer to work.

We can support your existing personnel who are responsible for your water treatment – or we can provide a complete service including testing, samples, analysis and reporting. If you have multiple sites or buildings, our team will take care of them all seamlessly.

Bio Cell Solutions

Our systems are designed to provide you with:

Proactive advice

We take a proactive approach to supporting your water treatment system. Our experienced team will alert you to any mechanical or maintenance issues – so small problems can be fixed before they turn into major ones.

Information accuracy

Our system is paperless, with fully automated dispatching and capture of the testing results. This seamless transfer of information assures you of accuracy.

Total transparency

Water treatment is an important business responsibility – and with us, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening. You can log-in to access real-time information on your water testing schedules, test results, and even your invoices.

Dedicated Customer Service Centre

Keeping you informed, scheduling access and providing reports our Customer Service Centre ensure consistent reliable service from our technicians.

Technical Expertise

You can be assured of the best expertise in the services we provide. Our Bio-Cell technicians have the best mechanical and engineering expertise available to them at all times.

Flexible and responsive service

We have trained technicians that will be inducted to your sites and available to work as required. Our visits are scheduled with you so access does not disrupt the building operations or disrupt occupants.

Health & Safety as a priority

Bio-Cell has an exemplary Health and Safety record. Our staff are Site Safe or Site Safe Gold Card-accredited. We follow stringent processes to ensure a safe and incident-free worksite.