Bio-Sure is the water treatment product that will improve system performance as well as supporting your sustainability objectives.

Bio Cell Solutions

Bio-Sure will deliver benefits beyond the positive environmental factors.

An environmentally-friendly solution

If it’s better for the environment, it’s better for business. That’s why our recommended product for water treatment product is Bio-Sure. Environmentally friendly and removing the need for hazardous chemicals our solution is not only effective but safe. Proven since 1988, Bio-Sure inhibits scale, kills bacteria (including Legionella), and prevents corrosion.

Simplifying your system

There is no need for dosing pumps – one annual introduction of product will eliminate the need for operating your dosing pumps.

Improving performance

Bio-Sure prevents scale and minimises solids build-up which significantly benefits the total system performance.

A one-dose regime

One annual introduction of Bio-Sure is all it takes to treat the system.

Reduced compliance costs

Bio-Sure’s 100% natural ingredients enable your water discharge to be flushed safely, without any adverse impacts on the environment. As well as supporting your sustainability objectives you can reduce your waste water disposal.

Improved safety on-site

Bio-Sure is non-toxic and approved by Agri-Quality, making it safer to use on your site (including food and beverage processing plants). You can eliminate the dangers and H&S risks of handling and storing hazardous chemicals.